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Booth Review for nonprofits or Mission-Driven Businesses

Unsure about how people really see and experience your booth? Worried about the easy wins you’re missing that are leaving potential leads and fans on the table?

Order your Booth Review today and get a video analysis of your booth plan with actionable feedback on how to tune your booth into a lean, clean, crowd-attracting machine.

You’ll also get a short summary report of my highest recommendations for what you can do that will get people talking, Tweeting, and Snapchatting their friends about your booth.

Your Booth Review will be returned within 2 weeks and costs $600.


Custom Analog Booth Game Design

Still feel like your booth is a little… “meh”? Just another brick in the wall (or overwhelming sea of exhibitors)?

Order your Custom Analog Booth Game Design and get a physical experience that’s sure to be totally different than what everyone else is doing!

I’ll design a physical game suited uniquely to your organization, your mission, your booth space, your budget, and your audience to generate more smiles, more social media posts, more crowds, and more leads than you’ll know what to do with.

You’ll get a full set up and day-of instruction manual so implementing the plan will be a breeze.

Your plan will be delivered within 3 weeks and costs $1300.


Let’s make a Video game!

This is what you’re probably here for.

You want a full-fledged video game to highlight the amazing work your organization does. You want high scores, mobile-phone access, pixel graphics, and snazzy tunes.

Amazing! It’s going to be super fun.

Depending on complexity, digital games run in the tens of thousands of dollars, and usually take on the order of months to deliver.

If you’re ready to get started, Level 1 is to book a time on my calendar so we can talk more.