From the ground up

Hi there,

Today I sent out a poll on Twitter asking folks what sort of heartfulness topic they’re most interested in. You can check it out (and vote!) right here:

(https://twitter.com/SamPotasz/status/1158825478968545280 if that doesn’t show up for you)

I’m not expecting to get a ton of responses. My B2C lines of communication and Twitter presence is pretty weak at the moment, but that’s OK. I’m embarking on this project, and I want to do it right. I’m gonna make this game, and I want to make sure I get community input from the get-go.

I want feedback built in from the ground-up. Sometimes feedback is just a matter of prioritizing your Trello board, and I’ve definitely worked on projects where “Implement feedback system” sits on the “TO DO” column for way too long.

So what are some ways to get feedback built in straight away? Social media is obviously one way, but there are tons of others.

This daily email list is one! You can do one, too. It really only takes maximum 25 minutes per day.

And even before you have a working technical prototype, it’s a commitment to showing your paper prototypes and mockups and wireframes to real, live, people and getting their opinions on what you’ve got. You can talk to people about their problems before you have a wireframe. You can talk to people about potential solutions before you have a sketch.

Then once you do have something worked up, there are ways to let people talk to you through your tech:

Here’s a handy Unity plugin that’s dead-simple to use with Trello: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/integration/easy-feedback-form-81608

For non-game projects, Instabug is pretty nice, IMO.

Whatever you use, the implementation is the easy part. The key thing is the philosophy of feedback as early as possible, as often as possible.

For me, for this project, it’s that one tweet :-)


p.s. If you don’t have twitter & can’t vote there, reply to this email with the number of your choice and your vote will count DOUBLE (because email is twice as nice)!