Strategy or timing?

Sometimes in games, you've got the right strategy, but your timing's off. And sometimes your strategy's all wrong and you've got to totally readjust.

The trick is, when you keep running at the flaming pit over and over, trying to do the perfect triple jump, double bounce, fireball-shoot, stick the landing, and you just can't quite get it right no matter how hard you try… how do you tell? Is your timing off or do you need a new strategy to get over the pit? Is it worth one more go or is it time to move on?

And when something's not working in your business, it can be hard (and expensive!) to not know what to change.

So what do I do when I’m stuck in a game? I consult the experts. I look at game guides online. Other people have already solved this problem, and I have zero shame in benefiting.

There’s no need to figure everything out for yourself. Ask some people you trust. Maybe they’ll tell you to keep at it - that just one more attempt is all you need to make it over the hill. Or maybe they’ll tell you to look to the side and point out that easier road you’ve become blind to.