"Trade the lesser for the greater"

I heard this great teaching last night, and it struck me: “Trade the lesser for the greater.”

As in, if you want to get somewhere amazing, you have to be willing to give up the unimportant stuff along the way.

This can be hard. We’re so used to and attached to our own “lesser” things! When I think of marketing and communications, this is the low-hanging fruit.

I think of click-bait-y headlines, SEO “hacks”, cheap giveaways at tradeshows, spam, meaningless badges in your app, and on and on.

To get to the good stuff, you need to be willing to give some of that up. As comforting as it may be currently :-)

This weekend, it’s worth thinking about what that would be, and what would happen if you were to trade the lesser for the greater.



ps: Do you feel like I’m doing something lesser? Is this email not hitting that “greater” mark for you? I wanna know! Please hit reply to this email and lmk what aspect of your org. you want more help with that I’m not hitting on.