... GOOSE!

Think back to playing Duck Duck Goose as a kid. The birthday kid going around the circle calling out, “Duck… duck… duck… duck…

loooooong pause



[madness ensues]

I was reminded of how repetitive the game is, how annoying and how great it is, and I realized that so much of mission-driven messaging is like that. So many people shouting duck, so many people listening for the “goose.”

Duck Duck Goose Lesson #1

Give the people what they want.

Don’t be that kid who goes around the circle forever without saying “goose.” Ugh. How annoying. They think they’re being cute. “Duck… duck… GORILLA! Duck… duck… duck… duck… GOOSEBUMPS!” Just get on with it.

Don’t make it about you. It’s about inviting other people to play with you.

Duck Duck Goose Lesson #2

Break the pattern.

We’re all waiting for the “goose.” We’re used to ducks.

In marketing, as consumers, we see proverbial ducks all the time. Our senses are literally overrun with calls for our attention, and these merge together into a stream of “duck… duck… duck…”

To make your message stand out, you really need to do something different.

Duck Duck Goose Lesson #3

There can be community in being bad.

Sitting in the “stew pot” - terrible if you were by yourself, pretty fun with a bunch of people! Is your audience a collective stew pot? Can you harness that energy? Can you whisper conspiratorially about how you’re gonna break free? The opportunity to turn “outcast” identity into communal bonding is truly powerful if you know how to look at it.

May we all shout goose. May we all invite others to run with us. May we all sit in the stew pot in solidarity.