The gift of 'gram

What’s the last selfie you posted? Mine was holding up some creepy eyeball painted marbles at a toy store.

At National Parks these days, there are designated “selfie spots.” As in, spots on the ground marked with an X that tell you to “STAND RIGHT HERE AND POINT YOUR PHONE AT YOUR FACE IF YOU WANT THE BEST SELFIE OF THE ICONIC NATURAL BRIDGE!”

People want the ‘gram. People were going off paths and climbing over rocks and I’m sure destroying bushes in order to get the ‘gram. I’m sure they still are.

If you’re looking to get that perfect shot, that big ol’ X is a gift. As are the picture-perfect sunset and the mountains and trees :-)

So… is your marketing ‘grammable? Is your event table? Are people clamoring to take selfies with the amazing tri-fold pamphlet you hand out? Are you saying, “Hey, I know you’re looking for something fun to do - here it is. It’s right here. Stand on this X and watch the magic.”

Or conversely, you may reject the whole “more more more” ethos and go counter-culture. You may be in a crowded space and recognize that we’re all looking for peace, and your organization helps with that, and so in a giant expo hall filled with bright lights and loud noises, you create a serene 10x10 oasis for folks to rest their weary senses.

Both work. Both are gifts.

What are you giving?