Why not make a podcast?

Let’s say you’re on a mission to teach the world about the dangers of fracking, and you want more people involved in your campaign. You need to broaden your base and get wide support.

Let’s also assume that you’ve got a kickass idea for a game that you’re sure is super compelling and really gets your point across.

Here’s the (potentially) million dollar question: why don’t you just make a podcast instead?

There’s a much lower barrier to entry in terms of getting your message on peoples’ phones for podcasts vs games!

  • You don’t need to hire developers

  • You don’t need illustrators or graphic artists

  • You don’t need to manage an official “Apple Developer” account

  • Apple is much less likely to arbitrarily pull your content for being “too political.”

You could write and record a shitty podcast episode by yourself, today, if you wanted to. You could maybe do the same with a game, but only if you agreed to certain limitations (using specific minimalist game-making tools that really don’t work well on phones).

Of course to make a great podcast requires an immense amount of work, too, but to get started with getting your message out there… to just introduce your idea to the world, why not make a podcast?

Heck, why not start writing a simple email every single day? 😉

Why not start right now?