Gather round, children - it’s story time!

This is the story of a visitor to your booth (or website). They’re a potential partner, or customer, or volunteer with your organization, but right now - at the beginning of the story - they’re an anonymous person. They have something in common with your org (they’re here after all), but you don’t know that much about them.

The story we are going to tell is one where this person achieves something or learns something very important to them. It’s dear to their hearts. This longing might be obvious to them or it might be buried, but it’s there within them. It very well may be the theme of the conference (if you’re at a conference).

But how do they get that thing? How do they bring clean water to the desert, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50%, free unlawfully imprisoned refugees?

How do they do it when they’re so small, the problem is so big, and the obstacles are so many?

Well… that’s what you’re here for, right? You have the same goals. And you’ve achieved some success. You can show what that feels like - to be a part of something larger than yourself working towards those deep-seated desires.

And here’s the trick… you can tell those stories. You can show a video or hand out pamphlets and even talk to people about what those successes were like. And that’s cool. Imagination is really strong, and when we really concentrate and visualize, it’s incredibly powerful.

But if you get someone playing, of doing something while acting out their part in the story, those emotions are felt immediately. It’s in the body. Think of how powerful it is (both positive and negative) to build a Jenga tower and watch it fall over.

Maybe you can invite people to plant a miniature paper tree. Or power a tiny electric house. Or re-unite a family of dolls.

Whatever it is you do, think of what your visitors want. Think of how you help them achieve that. Then let them do it.