Big-ass Jenga

At SXSWEdu this year, I saw a booth that a had a giant game of Jenga set out in front of their table. Not regular ol’ lawn Jenga, but a Jenga made of OTHER boxes of regular Jenga games.

It was a big ass Jenga game.

Then on the side of each box, they wrote a conversation-starting question to get visitors talking (to each other and to them- the hosts). Here's a pic I took:

My thumb for scale.

My thumb for scale.

And the org that put this on does something with reaching and teaching kids, so the questions were very much on brand.

As a way to get folks in the door, I love it. It's huge. It's orange. You can see it from across the hall. You know how it works immediately.

And yet… I have NO recollection as to who the booth was for! 🤷🏻‍♂️

And maybe that's fine for them! Step one is get folks talking to you, and they accomplished that 110%.

But to really leave them with a memory of who YOU are, you gotta tell your story somehow. And that's where giant Jenga (and spinny prize wheels, and putting green contests, etc. etc.) fall a little short.

Tomorrow, we'll talk a bit about customizing your experience to do just that.