You curious?

When you talk to other people about your work, do they wanna know more, or do they tune out?

I heard a recent interview with creative consultant Joel Pilger who said your goal in marketing is to arouse curiosity.

Not selling, or educating, or pleasing, but just curiosity. A bit of mind-opening “hmmm…”

I like that a lot.

It's easy to get caught in the trap of thinking of the end result - the sign-up or the sale or the download - but the first step needs to be an opening up. Before folks can learn more, they need that initial hint of a spark.

It often means leaving things OUT rather than including more information. Having some questions unanswered for your audience to say to themselves “oh, I wonder what that's like!” It's tempting to want to show the whole pie right off the bat, but a small fire needs air to breathe.

Give people things to ask questions about and the space to do so. See what happens :-)

- Sam