"Whoa! A blue car!"

Unlike Homer Simpson, it takes more than a blue car to grab most folks’ attention.

You know the deal: we’re bombarded at every second by ads for shit we don’t need and there are countless atrocities being committed as you read this.

So why should anyone care about what you have to say?

Your message is important to the world, of course, but for someone to care about it, they need to see how it connects to them, personally.

Why should they give a shit?

What’s going to make them stop and listen?

Often, this involves taking something big (like your mission or “why”) and turning it into something super tangible and personal. It’s going from “climate change” to “this polar bear named Paula who couldn’t make her way back to her mother, and here’s what you can do right now to help.”

And then if you’re at an event, you make that action physical and real. Let them save a polar bear! Let them plant a tree or demolish a prison or reunite a family.

Doing things feels good. You can give that gift to your audience. The opportunity to do so is worth caring about.