Gifts to give

How often do you reach for your phone throughout the day? My phone tells me I'm averaging five per hour this week.

It's very in vogue to shame ourselves (and each other) for this habitual behavior. I know I get down on myself and would like to do less internet surfing.

But clearly all this grasping points out that there's suffering, too. There's unease which drives me to pick up my phone.

Play is meeting that unease with kindness. Rather than ramping up, it helps ramp down. It's saying, “Sweetheart, I see you're having a tough time right now. Maybe you're anxious, or sad, or angry, or scared. Here's something to help relax your mind and body a bit.”

What a gift if we could all give that to ourselves, to each other, to the people who use our apps, and the folks who stop by our conference booths.

I believe it's possible.