"But I'm not a gamer!"

“… except for CandyCrush!

And FarmVille back in the day.

Oh, and I play Wii with my neices…”

That’s kind of a common response among “gamers” of a certain age. Games are becoming more and more ubiquitous to the point that we don’t even recognize them as games! Sometimes we think that (mental image of bloody first person shooter) is a game, but this (little mobile phone time-waster) isn’t.

The truth is that a full 67% of all Americans play games regularly! (DL the study here: https://www.eedar.com/free-reports)

That’s a lot. As in, that’s most. It’s higher for teens (expectedly) since they’re at over 90%!

Most of us are playing games. Most of your customers are playing games.

What are you doing to connect with them there?