There’s a definite thing that happens in marketing and sales that can make us very me-focused. We’ve got something to sell, and your job, dear customer, is to look at our awesomeness! Just check out how amazing it is!

Lookit lookit lookit!

I fall into this trap all the time, and it ain’t pretty.

We think we’re the hero of the story. That we’re Luke Skywalker. The trick is to be Yoda, instead.

When you’re Yoda, you’re guiding Luke on his journey. You’re the trusted expert. Your audience is the one whose story is important, and you’re just there to help them on their way.

When you start to view your role this way, everything shifts.

Instead of drawing attention to yourself, you start to think of what bests serves your client. If you’re at trade show, instead of thinking how to get people in the door, you ask, “what do attendees want to get out of their expo experience?”

If you’re designing an app, instead of thinking, “How can we boost our retention numbers?” you ask, “How can our meditators reach their practice goals?”

It’s kind of magic.

And then once you have an answer to those questions, you just do it. There is no try ;-)