Mmm… special sauce 🤤

Chances are, there are other companies selling a similar product to you. Or other organizations looking for donations in a similar domain to yours.

There are countless animal rights rescues and countless solar panel installers. “What” you do isn’t (usually) a huge differentiator. Even if you’re making an app. “Oh, you’re a meditation app?” That’s cool! Even if it’s new at the time, give it 6 months and if your idea’s great, you’ll no longer be the only one :-)

So. This truth is especially laid bare at trade shows.

Lots of people at trade shows are selling very similar things. Face creams at beauty shows. Gowns at bridal shows. Boats at… boat shows.

You get the idea.

You’ve really got to think: what really makes you different from everyone else there? In a sea of 200 very similar products, what is your special sauce?

What about your company or brand makes you different from the crowd?

The answer may lie in your product (a specific technological advancement that’s truly unique), but it can really come from anywhere. Is it a founding story? Is it your commitment to your mission? Is it your mission itself? Is it the way you do business - your connection to the community or your organizational structure or how you treat people?

Once you get something that’s different from your neighbors, you’ve got something to sell.