Where are you going?

Building things is fun! Designing things is fun! Writing code and playing in Photoshop and having things show up on the screen and putting out new builds to the AppStore are all incredibly gratifying experiences. As pixels change, you get to see the immediate fruits of you labor.

Except… are you getting anywhere?

Are you moving any closer to your goal? With this latest feature you’ve implemented, are you anywhere nearer towards your mission, or are you spinning your wheels?

You probably know your big goal. Let’s say it’s “decrease anxiety.” But do you have specific goals for every single feature you design and implement? Are they measurable things like, “increase the number of people who open the app a second time after downloading it by 10%” or is something more akin to “make the landing page look nicer”?

If you’re only concerned with your artistic vision or you have no budget constraints, the latter is a totally great way to develop technology!

But if you want to ensure you’re moving towards your goals with every step of the way, then you’ve gotta know what those goals are and stay focused on them. You’ve gotta know what you’re working towards and measure it.

You may think you’re moving forwards, but unless you know what you’re moving towards and measuring your actual movement, you can’t be sure. You’ve got to validate your learning.

Then you can make real change.


p.s. I’m gauging interest in a “lean startup” and “agile development” intro course for non-technical folks so if you are at all curious about these concepts, please hit reply and lmk! Thanks :-)