What can we do together?

A very wise speaker at the Texas state Capitol today said that in order to change the world, it’s best to stop asking “What can I do today?” and instead ask, “What can we do today?”

As in, find your tribe.

As in, don’t go it alone.

As in, “we” are stronger than “me.”

As in, teamwork makes the dream work.

As in, etc. etc. etc.

And yet, how often are wellness and “personal development” apps just that: personal? Is yours?

How can you create opportunities for folks to join together, to support each other, and to work together towards common goals within your product?

I bet just by asking the question you can think of 5 right away - from the simple “thumbs-up!” pseudo-comment to more full-on collaboration.

So what do you say? Are you willing to let your audience go further by letting them go together?

I hope so :-)


p.s. If you want to work together (on your app idea, for example), just hit reply to this email and say hi!