Giving people things to click is easy. Our reptilian minds like shiny objects!

Cow-clicker, cookie clicker, Candy Crush, and the millions of idle games that are all over the app stores and Facebook are ample evidence of this truth: our brains are totally hackable. If you figure out the right slope of your rewards and the right timing of the dopamine releases, you can get people to check their phones and your app very regularly. A certain percentage of those people hooked, and you can even get them to spend vast amounts of money in your app!

But… do these things really affect change?

There’s lots of research that suggests external motivation increases performance in the short-term, but dulls it in the long-term.

And real change takes sustained effort. Sustained commitment to show up, even when it’s hard. Even when there are external losses and setbacks.

In short, real change has to come from an internal desire. And that can’t be gamed.

But it can be nurtured 😊 It can be asked for, reminded of, and supported by a community of peers walking the same path.

So the next time you’re looking for a quick win from your customers, think of how it ties back to what they want in the long-term. Then work towards that.