The tools at hand

This is genius:

Quartz, built a level in Mario Maker to explain the gig economy. It’s educational game design and mission-driven play without a huge investment in creating a whole new capital-v Videogame from scratch.

They leveraged an existing framework (Mario Maker) to get their message out super efficiently and super playfuly.

Quick primer: Mario Maker is a game for Nintendo’s latest console that lets anyone create Mario-style levels and share them over the internet for other players to play. You may have seen a totally impossible level full of fireball chains that went viral last week - that was created and playable in Mario Maker :-)

It’s tempting to think that Educational Videogames need to be a whole big thing. And certainly when you capitalize the letters the letters like that, they will be!

But what systems and and platforms are in place, and that you already use, can you leverage to be a bit more playful?

What games can you play on Facebook?

What about on Twitter?

Can you add a little word search to your newsletter?

Did you now there are three typos in this very email? Can you spot them?

What can you create with paper, pen, 2 voices, your phone camera, and 20 minutes?

What about with 2 hours and Bitsy?

The path to play is a lot closer than you might you think :-)



p.s. If you want to create a Mario Maker level for your org, hit me up with your favorite Mario emoji, and we’ll do something awesome. I think it sounds super fun! 🐢