Because it's fun

For two summers after high school and my first year of college I worked at a golf course. A country club, actually.

I had never played golf in my life, but the pay was great, and I got to work outside with some fellow goofballs.

One day before work, I was on the practice green trying to learn how to putt. I was terrible. One of the club members was there with me, a big, affable man who always tipped well.

We were missing putts together, and I said, “This is hard!”

He pushed his cigar to the side of his mouth.

"Yep. If you wanna have fun, go to a bar.”

I think about that conversation a lot. If you’re not enjoying your leisure, why are you doing it?

And I think about what Thich Nhat Hanh’s instructions to enjoy your meditation. Enjoy walking. Enjoy sitting. If your practice has no joy in it, you’re holding it too tightly, essentially.

I try to carry that with me, too.

And I try to do that when making games. How can I expect myself to create fun from a place of un-fun?

It doesn’t make sense 🤪

We do this because it’s fun. We do this to be free.

May we all be so.

Enjoy the weekend,