Daily Practice

I’ve been pretty hooked on this mobile game, Dissember, lately. It’s pretty much a perfect phone game, IMO :-) Like Harry Potter, the core of the thing is truly magical. It’s incredibly beautiful.

But what keeps me playing is how well it fits into my life. Every day, 6 new Dissembler puzzles get unlocked in the app. They each take about 10-60 seconds to figure out, and the 6 get harder in difficulty.

I love these 6 puzzles in my day. It’s not overwhelming, and I know what to expect. The app says, “Here’s what you’re going to do today, Sam. These 6 puzzles. The first two are gonna be easy, the middle ones will take a few attempts but ultimately make you feel good about yourself, and then the last one will really make you think!”

So sure, I’m not sure I’m building any useful skills or muscles beyond “solving spatial-reasoning puzzles,” but the logic holds for other skills.

Let your audience know what to expect.

Let them experience success.

Give them something to practice with every day.

They might just end up building a habit they come to love.



p.s. Having trouble figuring out how exactly folks can practice your “core skill” in the first replace? Reply with a thinky-face emoji to this email and I’ll send over some times we can talk & figure it out 😊