Doin' it together

Building on yesterday’s email, here’s a really good thread from Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg. The thrust is that focusing only on ourselves leaves out a huge part of spiritual awakening. As Hillel and bell hooks and countless other teachers have pointed out, when we serve others, we grow larger.

In fact, I’d say most traditions would argue that it is impossible to wake up and grow without doing so. Other people are 100% essential to every individual.

And this is not to say that solo time is bad or single-player games are wrong per se, but it’s worth calling our assumptions into question when considering our true goals as technologists. Surely there is time and place for looking inwards and contemplating and reflecting.

But is that all we’re making space for?

And could your audience’s awakening and wellness and health be better served by letting them lean on and serve each other?

May we all continue to free each other,