It doesn't take much

Hey! You made it to this email, and that’s awesome!

You’re well on your way to making your next app, game, or lesson even more playful than your last :-)

Sometimes, as a full-fledged, Computer Science degree-holding, capital letter Game Designer, when I think of how to make things playful, I imagine original 2D pixel art and animations and immersive sound design.

And all of that is great and very very motivating.

But not totally necessary. Nor appropriate in lots of cases!


Adding story and play and a bigger reason for why someone is doing something in your app can be as simple as changing a string of text.

Or changing the order you show two different screens.

Or adding an emoji.

Not everything needs to be a heavy lift or a total re-work. You can start with little tweaks even today!

In fact, you’re already on your way by finishing this entire email.

Way to go 😊