A simple fly

The other day I was at a urinal with a fly painted on it.

Maybe you don’t use urinals and as such have never seen such a marvel of modern technology, but I can assure you that it is real (and apparently date back to the 1880s).

Supposedly they reduce “splashback” by 80% and total cleaning costs by 8%! That seems like a lot for a 1cm painting!

I kind of love the fly for all of these reasons:

Did they add a garish video screen to the urinal? No.

Do they give you a score and track your achievements? No.

Do they even tell you what to do with the fly? No.

Does the fly react in any way to what’s going on? No. It’s a painting.

Are there different colored flies to choose from at the different urinals? No.

It’s so seductive to over-design. The fly is not over-designed. It’s just a fly.

When we make a game or app, we should be like that fly. Just sitting there. Doing just enough.

Have a great weekend,