"They want it more!"

Back in the day, when I played organized team sports, there were definitely teams that just wanted to win more than my team did. I mean, there were lots of teams that were bigger or faster, but you can outwork those teams. If a team was bigger and stronger and wanted it more… no chance.

Good night. Thanks for playing.

When we want things, it’s powerful. That’s a strong force.

If someone’s using your app, they want to.

For some reason, they downloaded it. They clicked on the link, they opened the email, they did something that brought them into the program! It wasn’t an accident.

Often we try and use that initial spark and then perform some bait and switch. “Oh, you want to save kittens (initial impulse), well you must love collecting shiny virtual gems!”


It’s not an accident that people end up on your site or in your app.

Use that same drive to keep them there.