Monetize it

Play is a great way to invite someone in to your cause. It’s an offering and a gift.

And for some organizations and programs, that’s enough. People are in the door and in conversation - mission accomplished! But maybe you’re looking for something else - raising funds, collecting signatures, sharing a tweet, etc.

How do you get people to do that?

So here are a few ideas on how to align your players’ desires to win with your organizational goals:

  • Charge for extra attempts to win (think of raffle tickets or carnival game attempts)

  • Charge to remove an obstacle (like a fun bribe!)

  • Charge for access a power up (can be a hint or a physical power-up)

  • Have players bet on the outcome! Either against each other or against the game. And uhh… make sure to check your local laws and regulations first :-)

  • Just ask for a donation. You’d be surprised at the improvement in giving from not asking to “just asking.”

So then when they’re helping your organization (by donating, or signing up), you’re helping them win the game. And if your game’s well-designed, winning the game is part of the same story of your organization winning in the world. As in, in the game, you win by “saving the whales” if that’s what your org does :-)

Everybody wins. What’s not to like?

Till tomorrow,