Make 'em Cry, Damnit

I mean care. Make 'em care. And cry, sure. And laugh and gasp and furrow and have all sorts of other emotional responses.

That's really the whole deal. If nobody cares why they're using your app, or visiting your event booth, or coming to your event well then, they're just not gonna do it.

And how do you do that? Stories!

Sometimes play is enough to draw people in, but people have all sorts of rationalizations why they're too busy, too old, too set in their ways to avoid playing. Somewhere along the way we all forget how to do it.

So some motivation is needed. You kind of need to convince people to have fun, oddly enough. At least to get the ball rolling.

And that's where stories are super useful; they elicit emotional responses. They give motivation. "Save the castle! Topple the evil empire! Find the secret agent! Smuggle the refugee to safety!"

Framed right, these calls to action are invitations for people to get involved with your organization. Your org is already doing things worth telling stories about! Thinking of a game to play doesn't have to be totally disconnected from your actual work or history. Let people in to the truth of what you're doing.

When you have a story that places your audience right in the heart of your org's mission, it's hard to resist.