"Impeach the President!"

That's a response I got to yesterday's email on stories. And yes, that's a pretty strong call to action! "Defend the castle! Solve the mystery! Impeach the president!"

It's much stronger than "Take our quiz!" (snooze) or "Read our pamphlet!" (double snooze).

And then the fun thing with games is that you can actually let your players do the thing you asked them to do! They can actually, digitally, fulfill the action in the story. They can play as some spunky fun character and defend the castle or uncover the spy. And that's pretty dang satisfying.

So the work doesn't end there. Completing a game isn't the same as actually starting impeachment hearings. And we shouldn't make the mistake of substituting it for tangible outcomes.

But it's a great tool for letting every individual member of your audience envision and experience what success looks and feels like... and that can be the doorway to even more meaningful engagement.