Positive Tennis

Happy Friday :-) Here’s a joyful 2-player meditation you can practice this weekend. It’s good to have some play even in your mindfulness, IMO. I learned it last weekend from Jill Shepherd, and it was a highlight of the retreat.

Positive Tennis

With a partner, stand side-by-side. You are going to go for a walk together.

Start walking slowly, paying attention to what you see, what you hear, and what you’re thinking.

The person with shorter will go first. When it’s your turn, as you notice a sensation or thought that feels positive to you, stop walking and name the positive sensation simply. When your partner stops walking, stop with them and listen.

When you note your positive sensation to your partner, try and use the form, “Seeing a beetle in the grass - it feels positive.” Or “I’m remembering playing catch as a kid - that’s positive.” “The breeze on my left arm - positive.” “Hearing a child laughing - feels positive.”

After the first player notices and names, it’s the second player’s turn to repeat the process.

There’s no need to actively seek out new sights or sounds or sensations. Just when you notice one, and it’s your turn, stop walking and name it simply.

If nothing feels positive, that’s ok. Keep walking.

Walk slowly.

Play for 10 minutes, and see how far you get from your starting point. Play it with a bunch of pairs in a big group. Play it in a park or play it in a bedroom by yourself.