The Price is Right

This email comes to you live from Walgreens where I just bought some Tums! Very exciting stuff.

Anyways, I was checking out, and the cashier was looking up the coupon in her book for said Tums. “Page 66,” she said to herself.

I asked her “Oh, you've got it all memorized?”

“Ha. No, there's an index.”

But then her friend at the next register joined in: “Yeah but candy's always on pages 1 and 2.”

“Oh! And eye drops are in the forties.”

They were into it, and sort of quizzing each other. I suggested they need a Walgreens Olympics for all the staff. Show their knowledge!

They laughed. I laughed. I went to wait for my prescription.

But… I realized I was basically describing The Price is Right. Which is actually amazing!

And the question is- what sorts of things do your staff and volunteers know and do that they take for granted? That they view as dull or inane?

Is it page numbers of sale items in a booklet?

The Price is Right took household goods pricing knowledge- something that in a non-game context is a complete snoozefest, then added a whole bunch of playfulness to it and got a hit TV show that's been around for decades.

So what boring or forgotten parts of your organization need cerebrating? Can you imagine your team jumping up and down in their seats and yelling encouragement about these parts?

If so, heed Bob Barker: make it a game.

And help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered.