Do you want more leads from your event booths?

  • Do you watch with envy as other booths draw crowds and cheers?

  • Does your signup sheet end up half-filled and sad?

  • Do customers forget about you the moment they leave your booth?

Imagine being absolute rockstars at your next event.

  • Imagine people screaming IRL and online how much they love your booth.

  • Imagine your list filling up with true fans every day you table.

  • Imagine journalists and bloggers following up with you after the event.

This free Carnival Booth Brainstorm is the answer.

My free carnival game brainstorm will show you how to turn your boring ol' booth or table into an experience that gets people talking.

The trick is in giving, not getting. You want to create something that people want to experience, and over this 5-day email course, you’ll learn to do just that.

This course and PDF guide will teach you how to design your very own educational carnival game that's fun to play, true to your organization's message, and easy (and inexpensive) to put together.

This is essentially the same process I use for designing educational videogames - distilled down to the analog world so you can use it with no technical expertise and materials from the dollar store.

You'll learn:

  • How to pick the right game for your organization

  • How your organization’s work maps to that carnival madness

  • How to give your visitors big wins they'll want to share on social media

  • How to label everything so it tells a story for your visitors

  • Tips and tricks for going above and beyond your guests’ expectations

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