Free Carnival Game Booth Brainstorm


Are you sick of wasting time and money on event booths and tables?

  • Do people walk right by you without so much as a pitying glance?

  • Do you have to fight to give away your free pamphlets (and feel it'd be quicker to just throw in the trash yourself)?

  • Do you watch with envy as other booths draw crowds and cheers?

  • Do you just feel "meh," "generic," and like there's nothing you can do after your in-person events?

Imagine having people wanting to stop by your table.

  • Imagine peoples' eyes lighting up when they see your table.

  • Imagine people asking for your information and sign-up sheets.

  • Imagine crowds of happy people gathered around your table.

  • Imagine feeling like you crushed it after your next event.

This free Carnival booth brainstorm is the answer.

My free carnival game brainstorm will show you how to turn your boring ol' booth or table into a real-live CARNIVAL GAME that people want to experience. You'll design your very own educational carnival game that's fun to play, true to your organization's message, and easy (and inexpensive) to put together.

This is essentially the same process I use for designing educational videogames - distilled down to the analog world so you can use it with no technical expertise and materials from the dollar store.

You'll learn:

  • How to pick the right game for your organization

  • How your organization’s work maps to that carnival madness

  • How to give your visitors big wins they'll want to share on social media

  • How to label everything so it tells a story for your visitors

  • Tips and tricks for going above and beyond your guests’ expectations

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